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Geile, Andrea

Perennials and Sea Perennials
Perennials and Sea Perennials  
Perennials and Sea Perennials
Sculptor Profile:
Andrea aims to create a contemporary version of ‘Gartenkunst’, which challenges existing notions of ‘garden art’ and ‘land sculpture’. In her projects organic and architectural forms often merge with the planting and form a symbiotic relationship. She is interested in exploring the relationship between the landscape, architecture and living plants. The material of oxidised steel is used for its many qualities, providing a soft surface and interacting with the landscape. Her work shows a great understanding of form and nature and her sculptures are elegant and durable. The themes are heavily influenced by extensive research into Horticulture and Botany. Although she is working predominantly in metal she is constantly exploring new and different techniques and materials.

Sculptor Website:
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